We know you have questions and we will do our best to answer them. Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive in our practice. If you are still seeking answers, please contact us today.


Q: What are the family benefits of this service?

A: Families are often way out of their league when it comes to managing extreme behaviors. Concierge service creates a safety zone for the family without adding to the risk of isolation and exhaustion from failing.


Q: Why does this service cost significantly more than traditional therapy?

A: Concierge service customizes all aspects of care.


Q: What are the extra benefits that concierge offers over traditional therapy?

A: Concierge opens the door for a quality life in the community despite the often painful and tragic impact of disabilities.


Q: What is so special about the therapy mentoring combination?

A: Sometimes words are simply not enough. When therapy is teamed up with action, problems can be faced directly and alternatives quickly created.


Q: In what ways will psychological testing help?

A: Concierge offer advocacy in many areas of disability, criminal and family law, and eligibility to various programs. Psychological evaluations become the documented ammunition used by the advocates to build community support or legal positions.


Q: What are follow-up options that are apart of this service?

A: The Granoff Group offers a variety of follow-up plans using modern communication platforms such as texting and video chat to stay connected and focused on sustaining progress.


Q: When can I call someone for help?

A: ANYTIME! Day or night.


Q: What are the special skills of the professionals involved in this service?

A: Mr. Granoff has 35 years of clinical experience and is a diplomat in clinical social work with over 30 years as a clinical supervisor in community mental health.  His team consists of seasoned associates specializing in building skills needed to survive in the community.


Q: How do you make a referral?

A: Call 617-203-1799 and Mr. Granoff will discuss your situation immediately.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: All treatment is quoted based on an assessment of the family and client’s needs.


Q: Will my insurance be accepted?

A: No.