Our Team

Practice Director and Founder
Charles A. Granoff, LICSW, LMFT, Diplomat of Clinical Social Work
Welcome to our website. When you work with Granoff Group’s concierge mental health services team, you are investing in your well-being. You will have a one-to-one, customized care founded on the close relationship you will have with your dedicated professional. And you’ll enjoy a range of conveniences and first-class care to fit your work, health, and lifestyle needs. Our Concierge mental health services are designed for high-risk problems that require a flexible and intensive use of a variety of therapeutic services and community supports. Our goal with our clients is to help them become a better version of themselves.Mr. Granoff is a seasoned psychotherapist with 30+ years of experience working with high-risk behaviors in community mental health centers. He maintains a private practice in clinical social work that offers customized community treatment, as well as a long-standing office-based practice. He has been active in the International Association of Applied Psychoanalysis for the past 15 years and is also a lifetime member of the International Association of Social Workers (NASW). Mr. Granoff currently serves as the senior clinical supervisor at Community Services Institute in Dorchester, MA and AfterCare, Inc., a mental health and substance abuse clinic in East Boston, MA. To learn more or to make an appointment email Charles Granoff.

Frank C. Sacco, Jr., MA Clinical Psychology

Frank is an experienced therapeutic mentor currently finishing his doctoral studies at William James College in Newton, MA. Frank has worked at Community Services Institute for the past five years as a therapeutic mentor working closely with therapists and case managers to help families cope with disruptive children. Frank has published two articles on therapeutic mentoring and has an article on the use of therapeutic mentoring and altruism in press. Frank has demonstrated the ability to move around with troubled individuals in a way that uses intensive individual attention during three-hour activities designed to build inner self-control, discover positive interests, and explore future directions.

Natalie Lang, LICSW

Natalie Lang, LICSW has been a practicing social worker for the past 16 years. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been treating children, adolescents, adults and families throughout that time. Natalie has treated clients in outpatient clinics, residential treatment centers, home settings, as well as in therapeutic and public school settings. In seeing a significant rise in anxiety and stress-related concerns in these settings, Natalie has sought out training in yoga and mindfulness to complement her practice. She has found that mindfulness and yoga lend themselves beautifully to helping clients learn effective skills to not only reduce anxiety and stress but to increase their abilities to focus, remain centered and process emotional stimuli. Natalie’s style is to provide non-judgemental warmth, compassion, and support to help clients manage their emotions and seek positive outcomes. She also focuses on practical day to day strategies to increase self-efficacy and resilience. Natalie utilizes practices originating from CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) to inform her practice. She seeks to help her clients achieve not only a greater sense of calm but also compassion to ease anxiety and mood dysregulation and to increase optimism. Natalie also has experience working with clients who struggle with substance abuse.

Wayne Kessler, LICSW

Wayne is a certified career, life, ADHD and business coach who helps Executives, Career seekers or career-changers, and provides consultation to HR Directors on employee selection and retention using various personality assessments. Wayne coaches all levels of workers on leadership, personal and professional development, specializing in those with ADHD, Shy and Introverts who have challenges with public speaking, anxiety or self-confidence. Wayne’s transformative coaching experiences help people to address barriers to their success, build on their strengths, and learn new skills. Wayne’s passion has always been helping people live a life of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment and his concierge coaching work enables him to help people more intensively. Wayne has worked with people in crisis in mental health agencies for over 25 years and believes that new, more productive, and life-transforming habits and behaviors can be learned, which can help people reach their maximum potential in life. Since coaching does not put a label on people or provide a diagnosable illness code- Wayne’s services are not reimbursable by insurance companies.