Individual and Family Psychotherapy

Seasoned mental health clinicians offering a highly flexible individually tailored treatment for difficult life-problems. Unlike traditional office psychotherapy, all clinical services are customized to the clients and individual family’s needs and offer 24-hour phone access to the therapist.

Case Management

Individualized community treatment plans are designed and supervised by a social worker for clients who would otherwise need inpatient or residential services. These plans offer an alternative for clients to live in the community with maximum supports, independence, and safety.

Therapeutic Mentoring

Three-hour intensive intervention combined with the psychotherapy. Mentoring offers a high interest activity designed to build inner self-control, discover positive interests, and explore future opportunities. Activities offer highly personalized and fun activities that amplify the therapy effects.

Coaching Services

Coaching is a follow-up technique after the intensive phase of treatment is accomplished. Using communication platforms such as texting, video conferencing, email, and Skype to offer clients and caregivers an opportunity to check-in and report any success. Coaching can also be used to provide an adjunctive approach to therapy to focus on one area of the clients life such as on career, work, health, relationship or other goals. Coaching is present and future oriented, using visioning, skill building and goal setting.

Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing services are available. A typical psychological assessment includes an interview with one or more of our mental health practitioners, and the administration of one or more formal psychological tests. The person may be asked to complete some tests on his or her own, and others may be completed with an examiner present.