In the spring of 2002, our son checked himself into a hospital in Boston knowing that something was very wrong. The doctor’s diagnosis was psychotic depression. For nearly two years our son was in hospitals or residential programs. When it came time for him to leave the residential program, the directors helped him to interview therapists. That is when Charles Granoff came into our lives. The doctors at the residential program felt that our son would not be able to live independently for very long. How wrong they were. For over a decade, Mr. Granoff has made it possible for our son to live an independent life. He shares a pleasant two-bedroom apartment with a living room, dining room, kitchen, one and a half baths, and a balcony. Like all of us, he has stress in his life from time to time. Through his keen understanding of people, Mr. Granoff helps our son work through these stressful periods and maintain his independent life. He couldn’t do this without Mr. Granoff’s watchful eye. Mr. Granoff is committed to helping his patients have the highest quality of independent life that is possible for them. He is also committed to working with their families and keeping them informed. All people with serious mental health problems should be so fortunate as to have such a fine human being supporting them with their best interests at heart.

“Within the months I spent working with Frank, I received more help than I had ever received from any of the other programs with which I was involved over my teenage years. Frank’s help was of unquestionable importance and couldn’t have come at a better time.”