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At The Granoff Group, we believe that peace of mind is possible—for individuals and their loved ones—even after every other option has failed. We offer compassionate and customized care to each of our clients, while providing the opportunity to slowly build an independent life within one’s community.

When you or your loved one are suffering with serious problems, the risks are real, and the risks will always remain. But if the risks are real, so is the possibility of achieving an independent life. The Granoff Group provides a way to begin the process of building that life. Let us show you how we can help.

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Individual and Family Psychotherapy

Seasoned mental health clinicians offering a highly flexible individually tailored treatment for difficult life-problems. Unlike traditional office psychotherapy, all clinical services are customized to the clients and individual families needs and offer 24-hour phone access to the therapist.

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Case Management

Individualized community treatment plans are designed and supervised by a social worker for clients who would otherwise need inpatient or residential services. These plans offer an alternative for clients to live in the community with maximum supports, independence, and safety.

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Therapeutic Mentoring

Three-hour intensive intervention combined with the psychotherapy. Mentoring offers a high interest activity designed to build inner self-control, discover positive interests, and explore future opportunities. Activities offer highly personalized and fun activities that amplify the therapy effects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the family benefits of this service?

A: Families are often way out of their league when it comes to managing extreme behaviors. Concierge service creates a safety zone for the family without adding to the risk of isolation and exhaustion from failing.

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Q: In what ways will psychological testing help?

A: Our concierge approach offers advocacy in many areas of disability, criminal and family law, and eligibility to various programs. Psychological evaluations become the documented ammunition used by the advocates to build community support or legal positions.

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Q: What are the extra benefits that concierge offers over traditional therapy?

A: The Granoff Group’s concierge mental health services open the door for a quality life in the community despite the often painful and tragic impact of disabilities.

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